We announce the beginning of Bounty campaign

Bounty campaign had been developed by us for more then a month to get the highest efficiency and to get the participants their deserved rewards.

900,000,000 Notm`s were allocated for the Bounty campaign. These funds will be distributed among several Bounty stages.

Now Bounty consists of several campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Content Creation, Translation and Moderation and Special campaign.

The Special thing about our Bounty is an Instagram campaign and Special campaign.

The Instagram campaign is based on wide – known game «Truth or dare? ». The participants will answer the question or complete the task and film it on camera. Short videos will have to be published on Instagram with the text:

I completed the @NotmChallenge and challenge my friends @nick1 and @nick2 #NickInstagramNotm #Truthordare

The highest rewards will go to the users, the hashtag of which will become the most popular on Instagram.

Detailed conditions can be read in the Bounty thread


The special campaign consists of specific tasks that will be issued to participants in private.

Facebook and Twitter campaigns consist of the usual tasks of promoting the project in these social networks. Content Creation – publication of releases about our project in blogs, media, YouTube, and so on. Translation and Moderation – organized on standard terms. This campaign includes tasks for translating ANN and Bounty Thread, Whitepeaper and Web.