Pay attention to the following. All the token sale participants have to read the information given before investing.

All the investments will be directed to the NOTM project developing. The main stages of project developing are described in Whitepaper. Further project plans can be adjusted according to the project scaling or due to other reasons.

NOTM tokens are not the securities or the property of NOTM company. The white paper content is not a material for advertising campaigns.

Be careful! No other organization can release and sell NOTM tokens. NOTM token is meant to implement the plans of the Roadmap and to maintain the NOTM platform functioning.

When cooperating with the NOTM team or other members of the NOTM community you agree to follow the main principles of the community:

° You understand and agree that NOTM tokens are not the securities;

° You agree with that white paper is not an advertising document, that’s why none of the information from this document can not call upon or encourage the investment;

° You agree that this document can not be understood as indication of the NOTM advantages;

° You confirm you’re not a resident of the country the cryptocurrency trade is forbidden in (the USA, China, South Korea and others);

° You confirm that all the information on this site and White paper (as well as all its following changes) and all the messages from the NOTM company can not be understood as guarantee of the profit or income in any way;

° You read the possible risks, that directly or indirectly are connected with the cryptocurrency. Such risks can cause financial losses. You agree and understand all the risks and are fully ready for financial losses;

° You accept and agree with having risks connected with the NOTM and its following activity;

° You understand that at the stage of developing the NOTM ecosystem can drastically change in comparison to the initial plans;

° You agree to get e-mails or Telegram messages from the NOTM team. Personal data can not be required without your agreement in them. Don’t answer suspicious messages connected with the NOTM token sale. They cam be send to malefactors or third parties in order to make profit;

° You confirm that at the moment of participating in the token sale you have reached the age you can juridically buy the NOTM token at;

° You understand that terms of the platform launch can be changed due to any reasons.